Roon vs Tidal audio comparison

I noticed a distinct difference in audio quality playing a song directly through Tidal vs Roon. Roon was not as good. I don’t understand why, but it was noticeable. I played Ongoing Pulse of Isness by Aaron Parks. Through Tidal, full and no static. Through Roon, the static was apparent. I used this specific track as the recording can cause issues with some systems.

Listening through same headphones (Audeze XC) through same DAC and headphone amp (SCHIIT Magni/Modi). I wouldn’t think Roon would play any differently, but it is quite noticeable. I thought at first it was the Schiit stack, but through Tidal, it sounded so much better.

Now wondering if Roon is downgrading my musical experience. Time to test this through my 2 channel system.

Any thoughts on this?

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Do you have any form of DSP active on your Roon setup? Please show signal path.

If your playing from the core direct to USB DAC then yes it’s likely it might suffer. Your connection a noisy device to a DAC . Roon isn’t light as an app and will cause more CPU activity which some DACs do pick up. How much this interferes is really down to how good that DACs usb implementation is and how good it is at filtering it out. Tidal app in comparison is quite low cpu wise it’s not acting as a server at all it’s just pulling a stream and not much more.

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I noticed this, too, when I auditioned Volumio. Playing Qobuz and Tidal through the Volumio native apps sounded better to my ears than playing through the Roon bridge plugin in Volumio. I tested this using my two-channel setup: Allo DigiOne Player - Denafrips Ares II - Rega IO/NAD C338 - Elac DBR62. Roon Core is in an Intel NUC i5 10th gen. I’m really curious about any explanation to this.

So I noticed something similar…when I play my own music or music from tidal through the lumin app, it always sounds better then the same song through Roon. I’ve seen similar thoughts around different audio sites. One of the reasons why I stopped using Roon.

You are not alone

Have you tried restarting your core (the entire computer running core) ?

I sometimes noticed something weird on my Nucleus+ (but never on NUC8i7 running ROCK), restarting core fixes it. Give it a try.

I also tested out the track you pointed to; sound good here in Roon on my setup.

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