Roon vs Tidal + chord mojo

Good afternoon. sorry if the question sounds silly. My setup is like this, a computer with windows 10, chord mojo + headphones. When playing directly from Tidal, if the track has the Master symbol, the DAC color indicates that it is playing high-resolution data (green). If this happens with the same track via Root, then the color is always red, which means that a lower resolution signal (44 khz) is coming to the DAC. What’s the catch here.

Have you gone into your Tidal settings in Roon and set them to master?

Yes is Master

That seems wrong.
Have a look at DSP settings in case something strange is set.
Also click on the signal path as that should tell you exactly what is happening

Have you set Roon to use exclusive mode? Are you using exclusive mode in the Tidal app?. If you don’t set exclusive mode then windows will convert all to whatever the audio settings are set to for the system audio output in Windows. Post your signal.path from the remote app to show what it’s doing . Click on the dot in the now playing screen this will show how Roon is seeing and dealing with the audio processing.

And add screenshot of Roon’s Settings Audio, please