Roon w/ Control4 - What all is needed?

I’m not yet a Roon customer but am interested in becoming one.

I have a Control4 EA-5 and two Control 4 EA-1 controllers.

I would like to use Roon in 3 different rooms, the 3 rooms with the 3 controllers mentioned above.

Will the EA-5 and EA-1’s act as the Roon Core by themselves or do I need additional hardware?

I’d like to be able to use a touchscreen or my phone, select a song, and play it on the audio system in any of the 3 rooms or even to all of the 3 rooms at the same time.

Do I need any additional hardware to make this possible?

Do I need a special Roon plan of any kind in order to be able to stream to 3 devices all at the same time or is there just one plan for everything?

If anyone has any tips or ideas/tricks worth exploring, I’d love to hear your comments.

My goal is to set up a Tidal account, set up a Roon account, and simply use the C4 interface’s to interact with Roon and play to any (or all) of my 3 rooms controlled by C4.

Thanks for your help!

AFAIK roon home automation option only is available on the Nucleus core models.

@support can advise specifically if the controllers you have are able to be integrated.

Hi @wizardofoz,

I initially thought the same but it looks like it changed last month, see …

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Hey @Jason_Evans1 ,

Yes, these should be fine as controllers.

No, you cannot have the Roon core on any Control4 gear. You would need to have a compatible Roon Core that meets the minimum specs listed on this page:

You would be controlling the Roon Zone, as in any zones visible inside the Roon app would be controllable from the Control4 interface. Typically, clients set up an HDMI output from a Core (Nucleus/ROCK/Dedicated PC) and feed that into a Control4 matrix and then have audio routes configured in Control4.

We have a free trial, so I’d get started with the current gear you have (PC or laptop with those specs), and you can always upgrade Core gear later once you found the solution works for you. If you need more time past the regular trial to test different hardware approaches, just let me know and I’ll ping our accounts team on your behalf :slight_smile:

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