Roon wants to do Audio Analysis again after update

I just updated Roon to build 247 and noticed two things:

  1. Some of my library settings were changed to the default ones. I am still looking trough and resetting things, not fun!

  2. Roon is re-doing a full audio analysis. I restarted the server and turned that setting off and on but still goes back to reanalyzing if I turn it on again. The first time I installed Roon that process took 4-5 days. I believed that this was a one-time thing and audio analysis was only done on new music.
    Is there any way to revert this behaviour other than turning audio analysis off?
    Wil restoring from a backup do it?

I am runing Roon from a NUC6i5 with ROCK.

Please advise and TIA.


Hi Jose, do you recall which Library settings? And did you see any values under the General tab reverting to default? I just noticed that some of the settings under Browsing Preferences that I had set to Yes had defaulted back to No. Not sure if that was a result of the update but much easier to change than Library settings.

Yes, sorry I misspoke, I was referring to the Browsing Preferences. Strangely enough they seem to sometimes change randomly after I close and open the iPad remote app. Still anoying to have to reset them.
Do you have the same problem I have with Audio Analysis?

Good question about Audio Analysis. I only have 165 albums in my library so if it did do a full analysis rather than just MQA-identified as advertised, it wouldn’t have taken long at all to complete. I’d bet there’s a log somewhere that would indicate whether it did or not.

Hey @Jose_de_los_Santos – any idea what version were you updating from?

Also could you grab us a set of logs, as described here? Thanks!

The update was from 1.3 (242).
BTW, is there any way to stop Roon from updating automatically?
As with any other SW I like to have control of when to update for the simple reason of waiting for bugs to be ironed.
I will take a look at the logs.

Yes… but you’ll need to run the Roon remote on a Windows or OSX machine (this option isn’t in the iPad interface for some reason – @mike care to share a reason why?)

Go to Settings -> About and click on the gear icon next to each listed device:

The first option automatically updates everything and is the default. The second option will install builds common to a major release (i.e. all of the 1.3 builds will install, but the system won’t automatically update from 1.3 to The last option will prompt you to update.

Hi Mike, I got the RoonServer logs zip file ready but I do not have a Dropbox account.
Please let me know how to send it to you.

Hi Andrew,
Thanks for your input. I have Roon running in a ROCK (NUC 6i7) headless machine. Is it possible to install “Roon remote” in a Windows PC and still have access to the NUC machine in order to change the settings as you suggest?

Yes it is possible.

Yes, thanks, I figured it out.

Hi Mike,
The log file has been uploaded.

Thanks Jose – we’ll take a look and follow up with you soon.

Hi @Jose_de_los_Santos — Thank you for your patience while our team has been looking into this behavior for you.

I wanted to touch base to see if any further progress or new observations has been made while our team is working on evaluating the information found in your logs.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Hi Eric,
Thanks for checking.
No new observations or changes. Still Roon wants to do an Audio Analysis of my entire library again. In the meantime I keep it off. However, I plan to add some new music soon and I am not sure what to do reagarding the analysis of those new tracks.
Thanks again.

Hi @Jose_de_los_Santos ---- Thank you again for your patience, while I have been discussing the “next steps” forward here with my team.

Before the latest build was released, a few bugs related to audio analysis were resolved. On rare occasions (like when we overhauled our analysis code) we can re-analyze the entire collection, but in this case we wouldn’t expect the fix to trigger re-analysis of everything.

We’re still looking into why your entire collection is being queued up for re-analysis, and we are running some tests based on the information found in your logs. If we are able to find a bug here we will let you know, but there are a number of possible causes here, many of which require additional testing against older bugs that have now been resolved.

We will let you know what we find, and we would ask you to let us know if you see this issue again. For now, my recommendation would be to let analysis run (over night perhaps), since you’re not going to see any adverse affects, and if there is a bug here I’m confident we’ll identify it in our internal testing.

Thanks for the report!