Roon was installed on the wrong ROCK drive - I think

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Roon was installed on the wrong drive I think.


I am new to Roon and very excited to get started.

I recently built a ROCK intel nuci3 with a 128 gb m.2 drive and a 2tb sad drive.

It appears that Roon was installed on the SSD instead of the m.2 drive. I’m not sure how to get it on the other drive.

Can I move it?

Thanks for any help.

Hi @Bruce_Daniel_Goettel,

During Step 5 in the install guide, you should be able to choose the drive you want to install to:

5. Installing

  1. Turn off your NUC

  2. Unplug any USB storage you might have plugged into it. You can plug it back in after your install

  3. Insert the USB flash drive you prepared earlier into the front of the NUC

  4. Turn on the NUC and press the F10 key on your keyboard. Continue to hold the F10 key down until you appear at a menu that is asking you which device you’d like to boot from

  5. Select the USB flash drive

  6. Follow the instructions to install the Roon OS. This procedure can take a few minutes, depending on the performance of your USB flash drive and the SSD to which you are installing

  7. Once it is done installing, unplug the USB flash drive and hit ENTER to reboot

  8. On the next boot, don’t hold F10. Your NUC should boot from the SSD, and a few seconds later, you should see a Roon message displaying the IP address of the NUC. This IP address should be entered in a web browser (on another computer) in order to complete ROCK setup (installing Codecs)

During this process do you see the Samsung m.2 drive as an option?

I must have installed the OS on the “wrong” drive initially by mistake. If I reinstall Roon and this time point it to the correct M.2 drive, will that remove it from the SSD drive?

I could also manually remove the SSD drive and install Roon on the M.2, then reinstall the SSD drive. Would that work?

As you can tell, I’m a novice when it comes to this stuff. Thanks again.

I have removed the 2tb SSD and reinstalled Roon onto the M.2 drive just to get up and running.

Hello @Bruce_Daniel_Goettel, I wanted to confirm that everything is where you want it now that Roon is on the M.2 drive, please let me know if you have any further questions!

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Yes! Things are working great now. I’m in the middle of the long process of ripping, but happy to be up and running. Thanks for checking in.


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