Roon web controller client display never shuts off

I’m a noob at this so bare with me…

I successfully installed the roon web controller following the instructions here

Everything works well!

Except the display never shuts off or goes to sleep. I assumed that the following had something to do with it and I copied and pasted it as shown

tune the screen blanking time - time in seconds (standby, suspend, off)

All numbers are time in seconds

default value

xset dpms 600 600 600 &

1 minute blank time

xset dpms 60 60 60 &

So I assume that the display will either go to standby or suspend or shut off in 60 seconds, right?

It’s always on, did I do something wrong here?

Thanks in advance.

I would suggest asking in the extension section so the actual author of the extension will see the post and reply. Dietpi is not the author of that (any) extensions.

I canive the post over if you want.

Sorry about that, yes please move it to the appropriate section, thank you

Moved and also pinged @Mike_Plugge who able to help.


As far as I know dpms is disabled by default on Dietpi.

Try to remove the file 98-dietpi-disable_dpms.conf

I’m sorry, I don’t know the exact path at the moment. I’m not at home. Just search for it.


Try sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/98-dietpi-disable_dpms.conf

Thanks, I’ll give that a try!

I finally got time to try this and it works, thanks again!