Roon Web Controller on Echo Show

Not sure if this was previously discussed, but I just stumbled onto something pretty cool for those with Echo Show devices. If you use the Roon Web Controller extension (mine is installed on Dietpi), you can bookmark the Amazon Silk and/or Firefox browsers on your Echo Show devices and it will show what’s playing, including play/pause/skip, etc. commands. Just say “Alexa, open Silk” or “Alexa, open Firefox” and it will show what’s playing on Roon (assuming the IP is already defined in the browser). Sometimes I have to click on the bookmark if not still loaded (there are browser config options on the Echo Show). It’s a nice additional way to get a display for Roon and control it too.

I also created bookmarks on my LG smart TV web browsers to do the same thing as another way to show what’s playing on Roon (instead of having to rely on a Chromecast). Just bring up the WebOS menu and click on the browser and it shows it (otherwise click on saved bookmark to load it).

Doesn’t work quite as well on Fire HD tablets that can also be used as an Echo Show device (YMMV). For that it’s best to stick with the official Roon or Sonos apps.


I actually use both web browsers on each Echo Show to display different zones for what’s playing (e.g. I use Silk for “zone 1” and Firefox for “zone 2”, and then bring up the appropriate browser to see what’s playing), as each browser on the Echo Shows remembers the zone it was tuned to the last time you used it


Before I had issues using the Echo as the web page displayed is replaced by amazon clock or face, is this still happening to you?

Not sure I understand the question, but I’ll give you a long answer in case this helps :slight_smile:
When I bring up either browser using my voice, it usually brings up Roon (usually…not always). Which is why I bookmark it so I can just tap the bookmark if needed (it usually shows your list of bookmarks if it doesn’t go right to Roon - at least on my devices).

Roon doesn’t stay on all the time. When you bring it up, it stays on the screen anywhere from a few minutes to about 5 minutes or so (I haven’t timed it but it seems to vary). So just think of this trick as something to bring up when you want to see what’s playing and/or skip a track, etc. I think Silk might stay on the screen longer than Firefox (I’d have to test it). You do have to be patient for the page to load though which can also vary. I especially like using this trick when playing the radio in the background so I can easily bring up the browser that is linked to the radio station zone (which is why I use both browsers … one for Radio in its own zone, and the other for my general listening zone).