Roon web display on Dolphin

I try to use the Roon web display on my Samsung Tablet, I only see the Roon logo screen on in Dolphin. But it works on Firefox with the same setup.

Seems Roon cannot connect to Dolphin properly. Would like Roon can also support to Dolphin. If there is a new request, please advise how can I proceed this requisition.

Here is my setup

  • Samsung Tablet, Dolphin version 12.2.3

  • Roon Core on Zotax (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS)


Works with Dolphin on Android. Announces itself as Chrome.

This is the standard after connecting. You need to activate it for a zone and the zone must play some music to see more.

I did but no device was recognized by Roon.

You’re better me that it’s recognized and has shown “Chrome on Android OS” instead.


Check in Dolphin settings that javascript is allowed. Other than this, I don’t know atm.

My Samsung tablet is used Android 4.4, so I never install Roon Remote app. I will try to download the previous Roon’ APK to see if any insight

Hey BlackJack,

May I know what Android system version you’re using?


Roon is not supported on that version of Android if it doesn’t meet any of below your out of luck.

  • ARM or x86 based
  • Android 5.0 or higher
  • Supports OpenGL ES 3.0

My bad.

Would like to use my tablet as a Web Display device, it works on FireFox.

But I like the full screen mode on Dolphin.

6 and 7 over different devices. All run Dolphin and web display is working on all of them.

Is there an option in Dolphin to activate JetPack?

A search in the web reveals different possibilities to achive a full-screen display with Firefox. Does any of these maybe work for you?

Seems it can press F11 or Ctrl+F11 to enable the full screen mode, however I do not know how Tablet to launch a keyboard app and then show it on screen?

I don’t know if F11 works for Android.



It already activated JetPack. :upside_down_face:

If any advice that would be appreciate.

Then test with it disabled and see if it works?

I don’t use Firefox on Android and I also don’t have devices still running Android 4.4 so I guess you have to figure out yourself if there is a working solution for you – can’t do more for you as I already did here (hint blue text is a clickable hyperlink).

Alternatives: Try Chrome or other browsers; get yourself a device with newer Android (preferably one that is able to run Roon Remote also).

It will display a blank screen without “Roon” on screen, if it disable JetPack.

Stilling studying on this hyperlink, stay tuned.

Eventually, it got working now.