Roon Web Display on iPad full screen and no sleep

Hi, I would like to use my iPad mini in landscape mode as a always-on remote album art display for Roon. I have the display url working just fine, the two issues I have are 1) can’t make it full screen and 2) the iPad sleeps.

So for 1), can you include the <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes"> header in the code to allow the iPad to do full screen when the url is saved as a home page link?

and 2) some way to prevent the browser from letting the iPad sleep in this mode, when plugged in.


+1. This seems useful and relatively straightforward. I’ll be glad for the feature.

re 2, can’t you just turn off the screen timeout in the iPad settings?

Is there a way the Ipad web display will dark the screen without playback the zone and light up with starting music in zone? Would be great!

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also re 1, I just tried using Safari on my iPhone as a Roon web display and when I turned it round to landscape the display went fullscreen automatically. I dont have an iPad to test if the behaviour is the same.

How about the Roon app in Now Playing Display, looks very similar.
Full screen, and you can tell Roon not to sleep.

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