Roon Web Display on iPad full screen and no sleep

(Jon Mansey) #1

Hi, I would like to use my iPad mini in landscape mode as a always-on remote album art display for Roon. I have the display url working just fine, the two issues I have are 1) can’t make it full screen and 2) the iPad sleeps.

So for 1), can you include the <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes"> header in the code to allow the iPad to do full screen when the url is saved as a home page link?

and 2) some way to prevent the browser from letting the iPad sleep in this mode, when plugged in.

(Michael) #2

+1. This seems useful and relatively straightforward. I’ll be glad for the feature.

(Tim Rhodes) #3

re 2, can’t you just turn off the screen timeout in the iPad settings?

(André Fluri) #4

Is there a way the Ipad web display will dark the screen without playback the zone and light up with starting music in zone? Would be great!

(Tim Rhodes) #5

also re 1, I just tried using Safari on my iPhone as a Roon web display and when I turned it round to landscape the display went fullscreen automatically. I dont have an iPad to test if the behaviour is the same.

(Anders Vinberg) #6

How about the Roon app in Now Playing Display, looks very similar.
Full screen, and you can tell Roon not to sleep.