Roon web displays enters InaktivMode on Chromecast HD with google TV

Hi there,

I have a small issue with Roon web displays on my new chrome cast HD with google TV connected to a Computer Monitor. My Roon-core is located on a Audiodata MSII server/streamer. Roon-endpoint for my 2Channel setup is an old MacBook Air and Roon remotes are installed on an iPad and an iphone8. I installed everything today using the google home app on my iPhone. When I activate the chormcast device on the MacBook Air everything work fine for like 10, 15, 20 minutes and then the Monitor shows the Google Inaktivmode visuals. I can get back to the Roon web displays by pressing the upper left arrow key on the chormcast remote and then the process is repeating again after the next 15min. So indeed a first word problem but I’m curious how to fix it as there is no way even in the home app settings to deactivate inaktiv-mode. Could the google TV part be the problem, do early chormcast versions without TV have the same issue?? Any help, advice is greatly appreciated …

Support posted this as solution some time ago:

thanx BlackJack for posting this - seems to be doing the trick. it’s running now 45min and not gone to sleep yet. Perfect!

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