Roon web problem / roon Rock download problem

Hello all,
I would like to ask for help and information about what I am doing. When I open the roon page where I can download the Roon Rock system, I won’t go any further and see any information. I tried on several browsers, opened new windows and tabs, but nothing happened. I am asking for help what I am doing wrong and how to fix it

I guess, you’re asking for a Roon Rock installer dowload link?
If so, this would be it:
click to download from
Make sure to completely read ROCK Install Guide before you start.

Thanks a lot for the link - they work. But when I click on the roon guide, it won’t open the page and I can’t download the manual. As if there was a problem loading Roon Help

Yep, tried the link right after you posted and sure enough didn’t load page, but works now 5 minutes later…
By the way, it’s not a manual to be downloaded as a PDF, it’s html…

Link works, but HTML doesn’t work (roon help guide)

already working, thank you very much for help