Roon web server down or slow?

Same here in Portugal. Everything that requires a connection to the database is veeeeeeery slow.
With Tidal is the same thing, but in Tidal app works fine.
I try to logoff and login again to Tidal service, but the end result was the same :frowning:

A also experiment with using the dCS Mosaic app with my Network Bridge, and everything works just fine. (File playing from NAS and TIDAL)

It’s been a year since a star using ROON and this was the first weekend that I felt cheated as a user :frowning:

It’s been the worst one that’s for sure.


From Roon support docs:
“Your Roon database is full of information about the music you love. In addition to your library’s metadata, it also contains any edits you’ve made, your play history, all of your Roon playlists, your favorites, your settings, and more. All of this information is stored in your Roon Database.”

Database is stored locally. Updating Friday releases is for streaming and may factor in to any slow downs that occur, but no local files involved.