Roon Widget for desktops

Is there such a thing as a Roon widget for a desktop computer? I’m looking for a small app that just shows play/pause, skip back/forward, and the current song and artist. An option to click and bring the main app up would be great too.

This doesn’t need to be terribly big, something 3" long by an 1" wide might do. Depending on what I am working on and where, I find myself frequently bringing forward the main app to see what’s playing, especially once Roon Radio kicks in.

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There is an extension for a web player that is just an uncluttered player. You might run that in a small side window, Roon Extension: Roon Web Controller v1.2.0

Thanks @Rugby. While that looks interesting, it’s yet another complication and something I have to maintain/troubleshoot outside of core Roon functionality. I was hoping there was something from Roon that I’ve just been missing these past few years.

My dev days are long over, I have staff for that! :wink:

I understand it is an extra thing. Since, I packed my DietPi away with my Digione; I"ve been using an Oracle VM with a DietPi image. DietPi has the Extension Manager as a check to install option. Once up, you can then add the extensions of choice IN Roon. And there are a good many interesting extensions. Like the DJ extension I use every weekday for my Lunchtime Album of the Day.