Roon will not add music from an internal hard drive

I had to reinstall the OS on Windows Server 2012 R2 computer. I know Roon doesn’t officially support Server…but… this was not a problem before the OS was reinstalled. The OS is on it’s separate 32gb hard drive. My music is stored on an internal 1tb SSD. And just to clarify, all of the music files have been added back to the 1tb hard drive since we reinstalled the OS back onto the 32gb hard drive.

I now have installed Roon but when I direct the watched folders in Roon to the internal 1 tb hard drive Roon acts like it is scanning but then it never actually adds the music. When I open Roon I get a window that says, “No Artist found in your Library”.

I just tried to run Roon on my external hard drive and it does the same thing. Roon says it is scanning and organizing but when it finishes there are no music files in Roon.

This server is currently running JRiver And HQ Player from music on the same 1tb internal drive with no issues…

Here is a picture of my hard drive set up.

Looks like you didn’t install Essential Media Pack for Win2012R2
Try installing this package, and let us know how it goes: