Roon will not allow watched folder if network drive assigned a drive letter

Not sure whether this is intentional or not but mapping a network path to a drive letter and adding the drive letter (or one of its subdirs) as a watched folder does not trigger a scan.

Reverting to \ipaddress\folder works. Having said that \ipaddress\folder has two subfolders, one filled with music and the other empty. Pointing it to \ipaddress\folder causes it to watch the folder without scanning whereas pointing it to \ipaddress\folder\foldercontainingalbums triggers an import.

Hey @audiomuze – can you confirm what version you’re running? I want to make sure you’re updated to the latest production build.

Let me know!

@mike. v1.0b16

I’m not having an issue here @audiomuze – what OS are you on?

@mike Win7 enterprise edition.

This works for me. I have network drives mapped to drive letters on my Roon core and it works/watches the folders just fine as if they were local drives.

Just a thought… (using D as an example). Are you using:


I just tried too on a Win7 machine I have here, to be sure. No issues for me:

We can take a look at some logs if you want @audiomuze – just send me a PM ok?