Roon will not connect to Tidal

Running Roon on old Mac Pro
Dual Xeon Processor 3.2 ghz
32 GB Ram
El Capitan operating system

Draytek Router and Modem
All hard wired

Roon will not recognise Tidal, currently reports as not configured. I can start the log in procedure for Tidal from Roon then proceed to a web page where I can successfully log in and get message to allow Roon all is OK but Roon will not pick up any Tidal stuff. Tried rebooting Roon Server, Mac pro, Network and end points.

Any ideas?

Update: Have also noted that Roon Core will not connect to look for an update.
Another update: It seems that if I turn off my anti virus, the Roon look for update is OK. Can log on to Tidal but the metadata aspect has been paused.

Update to the update: completely removed anti virus restarted machine and Roon and all behaving, just no anti virus!

It sounds like your antivirus is interfering with Roon. Try adding an exception for Roon, but note that if it was interfering, it was probably doing this with an expense of cpu and memory usage.

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Hey @Tim_Slaughter,

It’s been a while since this thread was active. I was wondering if adding Roon as an exception resolved this, or if there’s anything else we can help with?

Thanks Rebeka. Still haven’t been able to resolve this so Kaspersky Internet Security has been turned off for this machine. I’m assuming that as it is an old machine running OSX El Capitan and also an old type of Kaspersky app that both it and Roon don’t like to play together.

However, I do plan to build a new Roon Rock server in the very near future so that should eliminate the problem.


Hey @Tim_Slaughter,

I’m so glad that that’s an option! Thanks so much for doing that.

And ROCK is a great idea! The best of luck :four_leaf_clover: and please, let us know if we can help :nerd_face:

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