Roon will not find Naim

I use a Naim Atom, with Lynn speakers, and Naim Qube in separate rooms plus a NAS Sonicorbiter.

Often the Qube is not seen by Roon and I have to reboot the Qube. How do I solve this so Roon always sees my devices?

Is there a way to go back to factory default with Roon and reconnect my devices?

All devices use the same wifi network

Any help appreciated.

That might be the root of the issue. This isn’t necessarily about WiFi specifically but about how well devices have had their WiFi stack written. The obvious answer is to hard wire but that isn’t always possible. An option I have found to be effective is to use a wireless access point and use Ethernet over the last metre. That often stabilises troublesome connections. The only hard and fast rule is to hardwire the core where at all possible. But the access point trick does work there.

I’m not familiar with your Naim products, but there are some basic steps to rule out issues.

  1. Do you experience the same problems when you connect the Qb with an ethernet cable instead of wifi?

  2. I prefer dhcp reservations in the router (in this case the Qb gets an fixed ip-address based on its mac-address) or a fixed ip-address (e.g. in the Qb itself) for all my audio (network) equipment. Did you try that?

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Hi @Kevin_Hinton

Can you describe your network in a bit more detail?
What is wired, what’s wireless, where is your router in relation to the other kit - particularly the Qube (1st or 2nd generation?)

Do you use the Qube without Roon? Does this work ok?

I have both hardwire via power line Develo Magic and thru’ the air with Asus router plus extenders via Develo Magic.

Naim Tech Help said use thru the air for their products as they were unclear if Develo tech was compatible.

I can use Qube without Roon either with the Naim app or with Spotify from my mobile

Hope that expains things, please ask questions if it does not. I should explain that I am not tech savvy unless its spelt out …!

The core NAS Sonicorbiter is hardwired to the asus router wi fi

Roon can be picky about network configuration, which is why hardwiring is often suggested. It introduces fewer things that might not work. That said, many many people use WiFi - and powerline adapters - with no issues whatsoever.

WiFi extenders (if I’m reading you correctly) add an extra layer of complexity. Is it possible the Qube is switching between different access points?

A couple of things to try - none of which need be permanent…

Hardwiring the Qube to the Devolo. Should work; nothing lost if it doesn’t.
Moving the Qube so it’s nearer the main WiFi router.
Or maybe turning off the extender.
Hardwire to your router.

Bottom line - try the simple things first!

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Hi @Kevin_Hinton,

In the past, we have seen various issues surrounding Powerline adapters, and as such we suggest not to use these kinds in our Networking Best Practices guide and instead recommend Mesh-style networks if a direct Ethernet connection is not possible.

To localize the issue to the Powerline adapter, could you try temporarily connecting your Qube directly to your primary router and verify if that works as expected?

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