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When I click Roon from the Launch Bar of my Macbook I get the white screen with Roon logo, the home page loads for about 2 seconds then reverts to my home screen having not loaded?

Loads up now but some artwork missing???

Failed again! Any feedback from Roon?

I had this problem on my PC. I finally deleted Roon from the PC and reinstalled from the Roon Labs download page and all is good after that. Also, if you get it running but are missing data, you may need to do a restore from a recent backup. Backup’s are not version specific.

It appears that as soon as my Roon core see’s my streamer (bridge) and tries to connect then Roon immediately shuts down. Very odd as all was fine this morning?
Have tried reinstalling Roon to no avail.

I tried renaming Roon to Roon_old 8 times before just totally deleting and reinstalling. Is your Roon bridge up to date? There was a Roon update about a week before Roon 2.0 came out for bridge devices such as RPi4 running RoPieee.

I have heard about renaming Roon to Roon_old, how do I do this please?
Also how do I update to Roon 2.0 if I cant connect? It appears my Bridge is up to date.

This is how you do it in Windows. I assume MAC would be similiar.

Renamed Roon to Roon_old then reinstalled the latest software from Roon download page and all seems fine now. Thanks for your help.

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