Roon will not open on one Windows 11 remote

Roon Core Machine

ROCK Intel 8.3 - UI screenshot below

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Both WiFi & Ethernet - BT Halo 2 Hib

Connected Audio Devices

Auralic Vega

I receive this screenshot when I try to open the remote on one Windows 11 device

As you can see Roon just freezes and won’t open. I have another Windows 11 device where it is working fine, plus it works fine on Android and Apple devices

I have uninstalled Roon on the affected device, downloaded the app again from your website and re-installed bu the problem remains

It first started when I tried to alter an artist’s details. I had a similar problem a few weeks when it was trying to load a track but it froze. I deleted the track from my library and the problem sorted itself. I can not find a way to delete this artist and the lp that was playing when the problem started was a Qobuz one


Hi Ken,

Fellow user here. Try re-installing again, however, this time, before you do, go to users/[username]/appdata/local and rename Roon to Roon_old and then re-install. See if that helps. Also, was this a Win 10 machine updated to 11?

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Many thanks Daniel

Followed your advice

It’s now working perfectly

Best wishes


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