Roon will not play from my NAS anymore (sort of)


I have not been using roon for a few weeks, but have installed all updates. Yesterday I wanted to listen to some music, and roon will not play from my NAS except for a few albums. The player says that it is playing X tracks but there is no sound. Tidal works fine. I found out that if i press the “other versions of this album” there is a duplicate of the same album that plays fine! They all have a path that point to /volumes/Roon-musikk/… .
This method works, but it is a bit cumbersome. Is there a way to fix it?

Hey @StianG – I’m going to send you a PM so we can gather some more info about this. Very strange, but I’m sure we can figure out what’s happening.

Stand by!

Hi Mike,

The package is now sent. The core computer is a 2011 mac mini quad I7. It is connected to a Devialet amp with USB (air is too unstable). 8gb ram, 250gb ssd. Remote is a 2013 macbook air i5, 8gb ram, 120gb ssd.
Both computers run 10.9.5 and Roon build 30. The last time I used the system was with the previous build of Roon (or the one before that), and it worked fine.

The NAS is a synology 413j. Everything is cabled except the macbook air.


Thanks @StianG – we’ve got the logs, and we’re looking them over. Talk to you soon!

Any news? I just got back from vacation, but still have a week off to listen to music;-)

Hi @StianG,

We took a look at your logs, and it looks like a recent update to iTunes is causing some issues for us. We’ve fixed the issue for our next release.

For now, you can either point Roon directly at the music folder on your NAS (and disable iTunes watching), or wait until the iTunes fix is released in our upcoming 1.1 release.

Let me know if you have any issues bypassing iTunes and getting the files loaded directly into Roon, or if you have any other questions.

Thanks and sorry for the trouble!