Roon will not play some Qobuz tracks, repeatably, across Roon installs

Core Machine

ThinkCentre M93P Tiny running Debian 10 (Buster)

Network Details

Comcast 1Gbps into Docsis 3.0 SURFboard modem (speed test: 479 Mbps down)
Router: Unifi Dream Machine
ThinkCentre connected via ethernet to router

Audio Devices

NAD M33 with ethernet connection to router

Description of Issue

Roon simply will not start playing some tracks from Qobuz. I have uninstalled Roon Server, wiped all directories, restarted the machine, reinstalled Roon, reconnected to the M33, and when attempting to play the same track, I have the same issue.

Example, repeatable track: Fleet Foxes “White Winter Hymnal” on “Fleet Foxes” (self-named) album.

Behavior: Roon acts as though it is going to start playing, shows album art and song in Roon player, I can view the Signal Path (lossless), sits for several seconds, and then goes blank (to “Nothing Playing”).

This happens for more than one track on Qobuz. This track is reliably repeatable through Roon Server reinstalls.The album art and song never appear on the M33 screen. Alternatively, Fleet Foxes “Montezuma” on “Helplessness Blues” album plays.

That track plays fine here (private fiber provider, UDM, Ubuntu Server on ZBOX CI662 nano, tested on Linn Selekt system hub endpoint).

Same problems with some Qobuz tracks yesterday. After rebooting my computer, the problem seemed to be gone. I’ll see if this behavior is back later today.

Can confirm that it worked properly this afternoon. Will check back in if things fail again.

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And we’re back to this track and others on the album not playing tonight after being accessible earlier today.