Roon will not recognize new music in a watched folder[Solved]

I have reviewed the suggestion on the web site but, my new music is still not recognized?

I assume you have tried force re-scan, please confirm.

If that did not work try stopping Roon and then restarting it.

If that does not work can you give us more details of your system:

  • What version of Roon / RoonServer are you running
  • Where is Roon / RoonServer running
  • What OS is it on.
  • Where are the music files stored.
  • What format are this files
  • What the album is

I just started with Roon so I think I have the latest version. I am running it on a PC with Windows 10. The files are stored on the PC and are redbook CD’s ripped to WAV files. They are greatest hits compilation CD’s

Thanks, Kevin

Hi @kevin_claffey ---- Thank you for the feedback and my apologies for the troubles here. There are a variety of reasons why roon may not be recognizing files, as seen here.

Can you confirm if these files are being recognized and played back by other programs?


I looked over the way I ripped the files and found that I used WMA not WAV. I re ripped them and now they are recognized. My bad. Sorry to waste your time. Thanks for your help with it I figured it out.



Hi Kevin,
No problem and thanks for posting what the problem was, it may help future readers.

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