ROON will not reconize my NAS drive

Hello, looking for help in setting yup the ROON amp on my apple computer. I downloaded the app to my Apple Imac, However when I open the ROON app it doesn’t recognize my Sinology NAS drive where all my music is stored? How do I set this up properly so that it recognizes my NAS drive? Also my NAS drive has 13k hi rez albums on it. Is there any recommend specs for my computer such as RAM??

You will need to turn on SMB file sharing (or make sure it’s turned on) in your Synology NAS, then check that SMB file sharing is turned on in your Sharing pref panel on your Mac (it should be). Then in Storage settings in Roon go to Add Folder and from there Add Network Share then enter the address for the NAS Music folder. The address will start with smb:// - the address can be found in the NAS Control Panel app (right where you turn the file service on) or if you mount your Music folder on the Mac desktop you can Get Info and copy the address from the “Where” section of Get Info.

Roon doesn’t do AFP file sharing and it won’t recognize network shares as folders, even if they show up on the Desktop.

For best performance your NAS should be hard wired to the computer running your Core (if you only have one Roon app that would be your iMac).’s_the_best_way_to_configure_my_NAS_for_Roon%3F