Roon will not start anymore

I am using Roon on my PC with Windows 10 Home edition 2004 OS build 19041.928
Not a network issue. Network is fine.
Using Roon with Lumin D2, Qobuz.

It has worked fine for months and suddenly it will not start. It just spins the hourglass until I have to cancel it in task manager. I tried copying the database and renaming the Roon folder and doing a fresh reinstall per instructions I saw on the support page and that actually worked for 10 minutes. All was well and after about 10 minutes the problem was back. It hung up inside Roon and after I closed it now I am back to not being able to even start it. I have an annual membership. Please help and thank you.

I realise that you don’t think that your network has any bearing on your issue, but, please, for the sake of completeness, could you give the details?

The more info the Support team has on an individual setup, the easier it is to diagnose.


On what drive is the Roon database stored? SSD or HDD?

What drive(s) are used for music files? Internal or USB? SSD or HDD?

Do you have any network music folders added to Roon?

Probably a hardware issue. Probably a disk issue. Please install a free SMART HDD report software such as Passmark Disk Checkup or CrystalDiskInfo, and post a detailed smart report with raw values of all the local drives in the Roon Core.

Sure…I am using a Intel I211 adapter connected via Ehternet to Netgear AC1750. Both the router and modem have been restarted and firmware updated. The ethernet connection is a Cable Matters Cat6 UTP cable.

Roon is installed on a 512GB Sabrent Rocket NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD drive. This is my C: drive which also houses the OS.

My music library/network folder is on an external WD SSD drive connected to the D2. That works fine even when Roon is not working.

I will look for the software you suggested and give it a shot.

Thank you Peter.

Did you have a recent windows update?

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Please post a screenshot of your Roon Settings → Storage. A problem with folders here can also cause strange issues.

A USB drive connected to a Lumin cannot be accessed by Roon Core as a music library. You will have to plug the USB drive to the Roon Core (Windows 10) computer when using Roon.

For the same library to be accessible in both Roon and Lumin app, please leave the USB drive connected to the Windows 10, and install Roon and MinimServer Free Edition there, once you’ve identified and fixed the Roon / Windows issue here.

Have you taken the recent Windows updates ?

Try reinstalling the manufacturer video driver not the Windows suggested one

Often helps, Roon is very GPU intensive and the default Windows driver seems suspect in some cases

Can’t hurt

Hi @Michael_Catucci

It sounds like there might be something in your music collection that is corrupt and causing some issues. Can you reproduce the crash once more and then

use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service)? We’ll take a look at the logs and see if we can identify what file(s) might be causing an issue here.

So I uninstalled Roon but this time I also deleted any associated files/databases. Did a reinstall and so far so good for a couple hours now. If it acts up again I will follow your directions and send you the information.


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I had the same issue, and resolved it the same way.

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