Roon will only start in Full Screen mode on new MacBook Air

I just got a new MacBook Air. Installed Roon client (the core is running on a Nucleus), and when I open it I get a message telling me that my screen size it too small (it’s 2560x1600), and that I need to run in Full Screen mode. Very curious because Roon client runs just fine on my old MacBook with a 1280x800 screen. I can click the green dot to get out of Full Screen, but even then the window is so large that it
s partially covered by the dock. Anyone know how to deal with this? Thanks in advance.

I’m using an M1 Air for Roon remote and don’t have this issue (also resolution 2560x1600), though I am still running Big Sur and not Monterey.

Typically the green (Exit Full Screen) button is a toggle between full screen and the last known state of the application window. I suggest resizing the window when it’s not in full screen mode by dragging the lower right corner so the size is more to your liking. Then the green button toggle should switch between full screen and that size.

You may have scaling active. From the apple website. Change your Mac display’s resolution - Apple Support. You might check the settings.

2560x1600 is the display default.

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Thanks, All.

Yes, the issue was that I had turned on scaling to make the (overall) fonts larger. With scaling on it seems not possible to resize the Roon window by grabbing the corner. Now that I’ve turned scaling off I was able to get things resolved.

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