Roon will play everything from Tidal except for The Police?

Roon will play everything from Tidal except for The Police???

All of the The Police tracks play fine via Tidal direct, and Everything except The Police will play via Roon, so not sure what setting is incorrect.

Roon says: “This track is not available from Tidal, and to many failures…”

Windows 7 Ultimate 64, Asus motherboard 8 core, 32 meg of ram, Teac DAC UD-501 - USB

Spectrum 1 gig service, wifi, and hardwire depending on room.

Spectrum Modem, and Netgear Router.

Thank you.


I had a very similar problem where certain albums would not play via Roon and Tidal.

In roon went to settings and logged out of Tidal.
Closed Roon.
Launched Roon and logged into Tidal

That fixed it for me.

Good luck

Hi @mark_spilberg,

Can you confirm what region your TIDAL account is for?

Is there a specific The Police album that you’re seeing this for, or does this occur for all albums?

Hi Dylan, all of the Police albums play via Tidal, without any issues. Via Roon, the Tidal tracks for The Police, will not play.


Wildwood, mo USA

Hi Nigel, Your idea worked, interesting it corrected the error, by practically, forcing the program to see the files, in a slightly different format. Thank you, great advice !!!


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Perhaps the music was previous being sent as 111 000 and is now being correctly sent as do do do, da da da …

I’ll get my coat…


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