Roon - Win10 - SSD

I believe the answer is no under Rock but yes under Win10 or general Linux Distros but could someone verify?

Under Windows 10, I’m able to install that OS, Roon, and Music Library on the same drive - correct? And/or partition the drive and keep music on a separate partition?

Any practical/real life performance downside to doing so (eg - database lookups while streaming from the same drive)? I understand it might be a bigger headache if the OS needs to be re-installed etc.


You could in Win 10. But why. Disks are cheap better to have 1 drive for OS and Roon and another for music storage. Linux distros like windows, you can do it all with 1 drive. Rock is no. The OS drive is for Rock only, a 2nd drive which can be internal is needed for music storage.

Thanks Daniel.

Just considering options. Reasons for 1 drive - lower profile BEK vs BEH, would be buying a media drive several time larger than what I currently need anyway, etc. etc.

Why do you say better to have 1 for OS+Roon and another for storage aside from potential OS reinstalls?

My OS and room drive needs are easily covered by a 128 gb ssd. My music needs several terabytes, best held on a hdd or external USB drive. 4tb ssd drives are wicked expensive. And you need an ssd for the OS and Roon database drive.


I’m somewhere between 250-500 GB of FLAC and now use Spotify/Tidal/Etc more than CDs/Downloads.

So a 1 Tb ssd then

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Yep, that was my thinking.

Thank you.