Roon Windows 10 core and Rock endpoint

I currently have my Roon core on Windows 10 and a endpoint n Rock. I would like to eliminate my Roon Windows 10 core, and change the Rock to a core. Do I just delete the Windows 10 Roon and plug in my USB hdd to the Rock?

You should be able to go to “settings/general” and log out or disconnect from your windows core and then a screen will come up that should show the ROCK core and you should be able to log into it and make it your server.
No need to delete the old one.

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Thank you… I am decommissioning the Windows 10 machine.

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Assuming the music is on an external drive. You would need to do a database backup. Then turn off the old core. Restore the database on the new core. Then plug in the external hard drive. Then go to settings/storage and edit the old storage location to the new ROCK storage location.


Thank you very much… I have it all switched over to Rock, now nd it sounds even better for some reason.