Roon, windows and RAM

at the moment, roon is on my home/work win PC.
from time to time, i have to restart roon… because it eats all RAM resource.
i can understand 1 G. but 5 G is probably TOO MUCH.
is that normal?

in general, i think that the overall resources usage by roon (pc, but even on my android mobile) is far beyond i have EVER experienced with any other software (even high duty graphic SW)

i forgot almost 3 more Giga for RAATServer

so… 8 Giga of RAM is … out of any logic.

On an i5 running WIN10, my RAAT stays constant at about 4 MB. Roon keeps rising/dropping as songs are played, hovering around 1 GB.

Definitely not!
It’s a big bug (code optimisation) Dear support, Hello…

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Hey @Niccolo_Terzi — Thanks for sharing your report with us!

First, may I ask that you please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Next, so we can gain some additional insight here into what may be happening, please verify the following:

  • How long does it take for Roon to start using this much memory?
  • What are the most common screens that Roon is left on when in use or idle?


Hi @dylan
Roon 15. (build334) stable 64 bit
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
Intel Core i5 2400 @ 3.10GHz
Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology
8,00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz
Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. Z68AP-D3 (Socket 1155)

Files storage on a NAS (synology DS213)

as a renderer at the moment i have a squeezebox touch (connected via wifi, no problem whatsoever on streaming, better than the original logitech media server)

problem: as stated, abnormal RAM usage. normally, always above 2 Giga since roon startup, then increasing with time till all system start to suffer, forcing to restart roon.
today i noticed for the first time also the high RAATserver RAM usage.

that’s all. glad to know it’s not normal…

Thanks for the info, @Niccolo_Terzi!

Do you know about how long this normally takes? Is it consistent or does it vary?

Are there any particular screens that Roon is normally left on? Track browser, album broswer, queue, etc.?

no particular screen. normally is on the album browser, or on some album page.
PC is almost always on… because of roon and music. but i think that should be normal.
from time to time, if i do remember, i put it in sleep mode for the night. but this behavior does not depend on that, as i used not the sleep mode in the beginning.

time: i cannot give a really documented answer. i could say 24/48 hours. as i use the PC for work, usually if i notice a slowdown, i check the resouce manager and if it’s (ROON) over 3 or 4 Giga, i restart it.
today, it’s the first time i notice RAATserver, but i suspect it was always there (i used to check just the topmost entries in device manager, and roon is always on the first place)

Thanks for the details here, @Niccolo_Terzi.

Moving forward, I would like to enable some diagnostics on your account the next time this behavior occurs. Once Roon’s memory gets high, to the point where you’d normally restart it, let me know. Please provide what the current memory usage is, as well as the current time. Once you’ve done this I’ll enable diagnostics and pass it along to the technical team for analysis.


right in this moment (10:29 italian time) RAM usage is almost 5GB.
i would restart…

Thanks, @Niccolo_Terzi!

I’ve enabled diagnostics on your account. Next time your Core is active a report will be automatically uploaded to our servers. I’ll let you know when it’s received and will pass it along to the team for analysis.


Update — The diagnostics report has been received.

You can go ahead and restart so memory usage returns to normal. We may need to see a couple of instances of this to find a pattern of what’s causing this, so please let us know the next time it happens as well and we will gather more logs.

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