Roon Windows Client on WQXGA+

If the Roon Client for Windows runs on resolution 3200 x 1800 pixels, i receive the message “Your screen resolution is to small to run Roon. Please try to run maximized or fullscreen.”

Roon runs on fullscreen, but i think “internaly” on half of the resolution. I see monster sized covers and it looks not nice this way.

This is disappointing. I have bought this Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro to use a s nice gadget for the living room and Roon doesn’t support a common resolution.



It could be an issue with the Windows scaling setting, the device might have a high resolution but Windows is scaled so much it has reduced the effective resolution low enough to trigger Roon’s message. Go into Windows display settings and set scaling to 100% and then see if you get that message with Roon.

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Roon starts without any message! But with 100% scaling, the tablet is useless while i can’t reall read something.Everything turned very very small. Perfect maybe for really small creatures :slight_smile:

The original and recommended value was 250%.

I played with different settings starting with 150%. The winner ist: 225%. That’s a good compromise: Roon allows a normal window and i can read everything.

Thank you very much for your advice!


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I have an issue where Roon just hangs and won’t load artist pages at all if I use anything other than the recommended scaling for my Surface Laptop which makes it all too big. Had a ticket in for this since launch of 1.8 with no proper feedback as to why, It worked fine on the same laptop before the change of UI on any setting. No change of drivers helped at all either it’s infuriating.