Roon with Argon M2

Hi There,

i have an iMac with hardrive with my music in flac files, i use a B&O playmaker to stream the music, but the wireless on the playmaker is really bad.
so i am looking for another device i can use to stream from my iMac to my stereo which is a Yamaha Rx-v2067 amplifier.
can i use the argon m2 with my iMac and yamaha ?

I don’t believe Roon will stream directly to it, I think you will need something like an Allo USbridge, Boss dac or Digital one to accomplish that.
Not that familiar with the Argon M2 sorry.

Hi, ok not the answer i had expected -:slight_smile:

but thanks alot for reply

The Roon knowledge base may be helpful?

i tried there but can’t seem to locate anything about argon