Roon with Aries Mini and Lyngdorf 2170 using USB

I have been using Roon with my Aries Mini connected to my Lyngdorf using the digital coax connections.

All has been working fine.

Yesterday I installed the Lyngdorf USB module. I was able to successfully enable the USB module on the 2170 and then removed the coax cable and connected the Aries and 2170 via USB. I then went into the Aries configuration and and connected the Aries. I changed the output channel to the Lyngdorf DAC using the Aries Lightning software. I restarted the Aries, Lyndorf and Roon after making the changes.

With the new configuration, I am getting no output from my speakers even though the tracks are showing as playing on the Roon app on my iPad.

Roon is installed on my late 2015 iMac running OS 10.13.4. The iMac has a 3.2 GHZ Core i5 with 24 Gb of RAM.

I switched back to the digital coax connection and everything works fine.

I may be missing a configuration setting and am hoping someone can provide some recommendations.



Is the Aries recognising and showing the Lyngdorf DAC by name in the Aries settings menu? What does the Lyngdorf report as a signal when the Aries is sending via USB? Are you sending a stream compatible with the Lyngdorf DAC? These are just thoughts.

It should work. I have Aries Femto usb connected to 2170.
Sometimes Aries output channel changes for reasons i don’t understand. Try rebooting your Aries

I am using an old USB cable that came with a hard drive. I will be getting an Audioquest USB cable tomorrow and will try that.

jobseeker and jules - thanks for the suggestions.

The Lyngdorf DAC shows up as “Lyngdorf Audio A/B” so the Aries is recognizing the Lyngdorf. The Lyngdorf just shows the input selected which is the USB input. I am sending the same streams I sent using the coax connection.

I have rebooted the Aries several times already. The output channel seems to consistently show the Aries in Roon.

It isn’t possible you plugged into the Aries USB input instead of output is it?

Thanks Paul. I checked that and have the connection correct.

Verify your newly installed USB module works and the 2170 is setup correctly first - try connecting the 2170 to the iMac running Roon directly via USB.

What firmware are you using? The latest is 5.5. Have you try playing back via iOS Lightning DS device such as iPad or iPhone? If you using firmware 5.5, then you need to go ‘optional operation’ this will launch the web browser interface. Go to hardware setup and select ‘Lyngdorf Audio A/B’.


Thank you for the response.

I did upgrade the Aries Mini firmware to 5.5 when I switched to USB and have tried to stream using the Lightning DS app on my iPad with the same results.

I’m not sure how to initiate ‘optional operation’. I did go to the Lightning DS Hardware tab and could not find an appropriate entry for ‘Lyngdorf Audio A/B’.

Would you mind providing a little more guidance?



I have to sheepishly admit that I did not have the USB module seated correctly!

All is working as expected now.

Thanks to all for the recommendations and assistance.


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