Roon with Canever Zero Uno DAC

it is not possible to stream music from Qobuz directly from my Intel NUC with Roon Core to the DAC. If I switch an Auralic G1 in between it works. But I want to stream directly with Roon Core.

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I streamed Qobuz from NUC (via USB) to DAC.

I now stream Qobuz from Auralic G2 via USB to DAC.

Did I misunderstand what you were saying/asking?

Hello Dr. A,

stream Qobuz from Auralic G1 via USB to DAC works well.
stream Qobuz from NUC (via USB) to Canever Zero Uno DAC did not work.
Only high-frequency noise is transmitted. Roon may not recognize the DAC. It is neither roon tested nor roon ready certified.
Can my Roon settings be wrong?
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So you’re thinking that the Canever simply is not getting (an appropriate) signal from the NUC.

Innocent question:
My case: NUC is attached to the network. No cables come from it. My Auralic G2 goes to my DAC via USB. Roon/Qobuz see my G2 as an endpoint (as yours does).

If you have the NUC in the network, and use the Auralic G1 as a Roon Endpoint, is that not a solution? Is there a reason why you must run the NUC to the Canever at all?

Your case:

  1. NUC w/Roon and Qobuz sits on the network
  2. Roon sees (your endpoint) Auralic G1------>Canever

The sonic result should be better with USB directly from the NUK with Roon Core to the DAC than via the detour of a separate streamer (including the Auralic). The NUK is supplied with electricity from a high-quality linear power supply. I want to try it.

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Hello @Klaus_Permesang, do you have an issue with this device if you connect via USB to a windows or mac?

Hello nuwriy,
yes, in addition to the music, high-frequency background noises and irregular noise are transmitted.
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Hello @Klaus_Permesang, is there any difference when playing local content? Have you reinstalled drivers for this device? Lastly, next time you can reproduce the issue, could you please reply here with a timestamp (the date and time you encounter the issue) and the name of the track playing at the time so I can enable diagnostics for your account?

Hello nuwriy, I only use Qobuz, I haven’t installed any new drivers. on the Nuc there’s only Roon rock. The Canever Zero Uno Dac is neither roon ready nor roon tested. That is probably the reason for the problems.
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