Roon with Cary DMS 550/600 streamers?

Anybody try this?.

Thanks for any info.

If you search the forum there seem to be a few people with 600se but no 550.

Thank you. I was familiar with these threads. Just looking for a little more info. The Cary native app seems/is a little buggy and wondered if Roon still runs though the native app or does the Native app totally get defeated.
Also concerned about SQ differences.
Thanks again

When you say runs through the native app, what do you mean?

So in order to run Roon you have to go thru the menu system in the Cary’s native app and enable Roon.
Does Roon at that time run on its own or is the Cary’s app still involved somehow.
The Cary app is buggy and will disappear for hours at a time and just wondering how it may affect Roons performance.

They are “roon ready” so once set up as you describe they would be controlled entirely through roon.

Thanks Ged
Roon up and running and all is well

Is there any definitive answer if Roon affects sound quality. No upsampling involved?

Enjoy some football this weekend!!

Roon will only upsample if you set it up to do so.