Roon with Chromecast Support Update [Resolved - Remote app update]

Having, a few minutes ago, accepted the upgrade it has revealed a bug on my IOS devices & my iMac.
Core is Windows 10 silent PC.
iPhone 6+
iPad Air pro (10 inch) - both devices @ IOS 11.4
iMac 21.5 - High Sierra V10.13.5
I decided to look for my Chromecast device but when going to settings and tapping or clicking on AUDIO the client app minimises and/or crashes. The core stays operational throughout.
When the client has minimised Roon, on restoration it sometimes displays “connecting to core” other times displays the album browser (my normal page).

I have restarted & rebooted Core machine, rebooted all clients but the problem persists.

Thanks for sharing your report, @PixelPopper!

Can you confirm that both your remote device and your Core machine are updated? Once everything is up to date you should not experience this behavior.


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Hi Dylan,

Thanks for the lightning response :wink:

The Core was first to update.
The clients hadn’t updated! I had clicked the “update all devices” option, from the core machine, and (foolishly) assumed that’s what the update had done.
Having updated the iOS devices they’re now fine, I’ll attack the iMac later.

Problem SOLVED.


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