Roon with Dante Virtual Soundcard(DVS)?


I am evaluating Roon Server running on my Win2012R2 box which uses Dante Virtual Soundcard(DVS) to send music out to a Focusrite Rednet D16 and then on to my DAC. DVS has two options: ASIO and WDM.

If I choose ASIO then Roon Server does not recognize it as an output device at all. If I choose WDM it sees it but will not play music to it, plus WDM is limited to 24/44(and 32/48) for "Hi-Res.

As I am running a trial version before purchasing I would like to know if this is even possible before spending more time on it. I am pretty sure that if I used USB I could get it working but DANTE sounds much better on my system. I did install the Windows Essentials Media pack but am not sure that I got the “role” configured.

Thanks for any help. I was hoping to get on board when Qobuz launches with Roon integration.

I was able to get is working and it now recognized DANTE using ASIO.

I think that was more of my learning my way around Roon that any technical issues. I am running Roon Server on Windows Server 2012R2 with the Windows Essentials Media pack installed and my music stored locally on an SSD. I am using the most current versions of RedNet Control and DVS and have sample rate following enabled. DVS using ASIO sends audio to my Rednet D16 which supports 24/192. The path shows as lossless and ASIO is exclusive by default.

The “fix” was that I decided to add Roon Bridge to my headphone rig which has it’s own PC audio server but uses a USB output. In the process I found the audio settings on my iPad and realized that "Dante Virtual Soundcard(x64) was indeed showing up there. Once chosen and a couple of choices made it just worked. I can also now play to my headphone rig using the files on my other server so I may disconnect the SSD on the HP system once I compare audio streamed vs local.

Now if Qobuz will release their US version I will be set!

(Sorry for the cross-post)

Hello @mourip,

Glad to see you got things working, let us know if you run into any other issues!


Thanks John. Not only does it work but it sounds better to me than JRiver which I liked…

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