Roon with Denon AVR

Hi there,
I am trialling Roon. I have Roon installed on a Windows machine which recognizes my Denon AVR x3300w. I think my AVR does not understand input via the network. What is the best way to proceed? Do I need some extra hardware like a digital output from pc to AVR? Or should I use AirPlay?

Think this is basic knowledge for others, but new material for me…

Thanks in advance for the advice.

To the Denon AVR it’s Airplay. Just select that zone in Roon and it will output to the Denon via Airplay. I have a Denon AVR and that’s the way it works for me.

No mainstream AV components speak Roon RAAT network protocol. The closest are the two OPPO UHD players, though they are not exactly mainstream.

So, yes, on both counts. For a network connection to the AVR, you will need to use AirPlay – and its attendant sample rate conversion. Or, for a S/PDIF or HDMI connection to the AVR, you will need to add another piece of hardware to serve as a Roon endpoint.


I have a marantz SR-5011. My solution is to use an external dac to connect to one of the analog inputs.

Wish there was a better way.

There is a better way. Do not use an external DAC. Use the Marantz internal DAC via a digital input. Besides, you may already be using the Marantz internal DAC via redigitization.


I assume that your Windows machine is not physically close to your Denon? If it were, then the best route would be to connect the PC to the Denon using an HDMI cable. That would give you full multi-channel support.

At one time, I had a small Windows PC set up as an HTPC connected to my Denon, so as well as running Plex and Emby clients, it also had Roon installed on it, which ran as a Roon Remote connected over the network to my Roon Server.

Thank you all for your replies. Really helpfull.
I am going to try the s/pdif option from pc to avr…

I have Roon running on a QNAP NAS which is connected to my Denon X4300 via an HDMI cable. Works just fine for the Main Zone. But is there a way to set things up to play to Zones 2 or 3 - or both? I guess I could Airplay, but then I’d lose quality…some help would be very welcome.

When you select Zone 2 or Zone 3 you should be able to then select the input that the QNAP is sitting on for that zone. I have a Denon and that’s the way it works for me. I don’t have mine set up the way you do but whatever device I have plugged into my Denon can be individually selected via the menus. I also use the Denon app for my iPhone. It makes it easier to elect inputs rather than trying to do it on the Denon.

Thanks @John_Aiello for your help. It hasn’t fixed the problem, which I agree is more to do with how Denon works rather than Roon. I’ve found that Zone 2 will handle digital traffic, but Zone 3 only analog. That may be at the root of the problem. It would be good if Zones 2 and 3 could be assigned as Roon end points though. Maybe this is very tricky to do!