Roon with Devialet on USB


My system: Antipodes Edge with Roon 1.3 (build 234) with music stored on the SSD + Devialet 250 Pro (Firmware 10.0), connected with a high quality USB cable + Windows 7 64 bits connected in Ethernet to the network (cable only). My collection: FLAC files only, less than 4000 tracks.

My problem: I turn on Antipodes and the computer and start playing music. After about 30 to 90 minutes, one of two things happen: playback is interrupted for a few seconds and I have to restart it by clicking on the little triangle on the bottom, or Antipodes is totally disconnected (“Lost Connection!”) including disappearance from the network, and I have to wait for up to 10 minutes for it to reconnect. Recently I saw the following message appearing at the time of interruption: “An audio file is loading slowly. This may indicate a performance or hardware problem”

When I disconnect physically Antipodes and restart it, I can play music again for 30 to 90 minutes, then the problem reappears. The problem happens indifferently with all levels of music resolution. It doesn’t arise when I use Squeezebox Server (on the USB port) or an SPDIF connection instead of USB. Strangely enough, it appeared only after about one month of using Antipodes and Roon. It seems to me that in the meantime I upgraded the Devialet from 8 to 10 but I am not sure of the coincidence. Is there a solution to this problem between Roon and Devialet or do I have to keep the SPDIF connection forever?


I am not super familiar with the antipodes box, but is that box on wifi or ethernet?

Hi @Dominique_Ebnother ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your observations with us, the feedback is appreciated!

To expand on Danny’s response a bit, to help us better evaluate this behavior you’re reporting can you please describe your network configuration/topology as well as providing insight into any networking hardware you may be implementing currently. I would like to have a clear understanding of what the chain of communication looks like across your network and what devices you are using to make those connections possible.


Hi Eric, thanks for your reply. The network starts with the Internet box. From the box, 2 cables go to 2 different computers and one goes to a switch (not managed). From the switch, one cable goes to the TV box (turned off when I play music), one to Antipodes (music server), one to a third computer, the one I use to run Roon and the server, and one to the Devialet (but I don’t use Air, so I could disconnect it). All WiFi is disconnected from the box. The problem arises even when the 2 other computers are turned off. Is that of any help?

Hey @Dominique_Ebnother – I’m sure we can get this resolved for you, but have you spoken with Antipodes about this at all? If restarting the Antipodes seems to consistently resolve this, I’d like them to weigh in here before we suggest places to start troubleshooting.

Also just to be clear, the Roon Core is running on the Edge, or on the Windows 7 device?

cc @Tony_Devitt

Hi @Dominique_Ebnother, this behaviour is certainly unusual. There appear to be two issues: 1) Playback stopping but able to be restarted and 2) Apparent loss of network connection. Where do you see the ‘Lost Connection’ message?

Are you able to judge whether these issues started happening following the Build 234 upgrade?

As far as issue #1 above is concerned it would be useful if, before restarting playback, you could copy/post the RoonReady log (Apps/Roon Ready/Roon Ready Diagnostic). For issue #2 is it possible to connect the Antipodes directly to the network router instead of the switch?

Hi Tony. The “Lost Connection” message appears in Roon on the computer screen (followed quickly by another screen saying that Roon is trying to reconnect). I didn’t ugrade Roon, I had the Build 234 since the beginning. Unfortunately I can’t connect the Antipodes directly to the Internet box because it is too far away. Right now I am using the SPDIF connection. If issue #1 arises again, I will send a copy of the diagnosis.

Hi Mike. I have spoken (extensively) with the French importer. He is the one who suggested a problem of communication between Antipodes and Devialet USB and told me to try the SPDIF connection. Roon Core is running on the Antipodes (which has an SSD as I mentioned earlier).

In fact the 2 issues seems to be one: I just had an interruption, and 2 or 3 seconds later the white screen “Lost Connection!”, and then almost immediately afterwards the album screen again where the music had stopped. As you asked for, I made a copy of the Diagnostic before restarting, which I enclose in a direct mail (21 pages). So far I haven’t had the problem with the SPDIF connection, but now it seems to happen also with that connection (less frequently though).

Hi @Dominique_Ebnother,

Did you email the log to It has not yet arrived.

I note the comment from the Devaliet importer. As I understand from your initial post the Antipodes Edge->USB->Devaliet functioned without any problems for a month, then you think you may have applied a firmware fix to the Devaliet, and possibly following that you started to experience these issues. Can you verify if the firmware has been upgraded and if so, when? Also, have there been any other changes in your installation, to network or equipment?