Roon with Euphony OS not recognizes usb dac


I’m currently evaluating Euphony and Roon at the same time. Separate from each other they work both flawlessly but when I would like to use Roon in Euphony, Roon doesn’t recognize my usb dac(Resonessence Mirus Pro), only my iPad which works fine if I select it.

I wrote an email to Euphony as well. Not sure who’s responsible for this issue though.

Hope to get it working soon!

paging @support

Have you tried just using Roon’s ROCK OS build. It’s free with a subscription.

Thanks for reaching out, @Paul_van_Emmerik!

So we can gain some greater insight into what you’re experiencing here, please verify the following:

  • Are you able to play to the DAC from this Core machine outside of Roon?
  • If you use a Windows or Mac remote device and connect the DAC to that, are you able to see it in Roon?


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No, I haven’t. Thanks for the advice, this is exactly what I’m looking for; a lean Linux OS for high end audio play back. Actually Euphony is just that but at the expense of usd289 Hope it sounds as good too.

Hi Dylan,

My answer is yes for both questions.

Maybe it’s just because it’s an evaluation version. I haven’t received a reply from them yet though.

Either way I will follow the advice from Brain as well, this might be just it for me.