Roon with HQ Player and Euphony

Hi Guys,

I use Euphony OS on my music server and my audio setup is Roon + HQ Player. For some reason, after every 10 min or so, the music stops. Then I’d have to hit play again to continue playing the music. I have the full Euphony License (registered) and HQ Player license as well.

Any thoughts on why this is happening ?

It does not happen if I choose Roon + Squeezelite. Only with the HQ Player combination, the music stops. @jussi_laako any thoughts?

Please check with HQPlayer OS 4.28.2 if it still happens.

I found out what happened. For some reason my hqplayer license changed to trial. I had to update my Euphony license recently though. Same server though. No new hardware. So I didn’t think the hq player license would change