Roon with iOS 9?

Apple have released the GM Seed of iOS 9 to developers today which means a public release is less than a week away, rather than upgrade my iPad Air 2 which runs ROon perfectly on iOS 8.4.1 can someone from Roon tell us will the current Roon app run on iOS 9?

Are there any plans to support the iPad Pro screen resolution, I realise this is in the Xcode dev pack but it would be nice to get a confirmation from Roon directly?

I also notice the current iOS Version is 1.1 build 51 when is build 55 going to be released for iOS?


Okay well no response, I am going to go ahead and install the GM of IOS 9 and will report back here shortly

Can report that Roon for iOS works okay on iPad Air 2 running iOS 9 GM seed

The existing app should already supports the iPad Pro’s native resolution.

Awesome, will be using one as soon as its available, does the existing app scale, or is it written to take advantage of the extra screen real estate?

iOS9 seems to indicate that the iPad Pro is 2732×2048. The iPad Air 2 is 2048×1536.

My guess is that the iPad Pro will be 2x retina @ 1366x1024, while the other iPads are 2x retina @ 1024x768.

Roon will use that extra space, not just scale up. If you want to see what it’d look like, just resize your Roon application on Mac or PC to the above resolutions.

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