Roon with iTunes

Hi guys
I am trying out Roon for the next 2 months, at the moment with Tidal.
I am normally using a MacBook Pro late 2009 model with a external FireWire 1TB disk, running iTunes with Amarra, love the sound that Amarra gives me, for me it sound like the most analog of all the different software players on the market that I have tried, the audio signal then goes out with usb to a Primare Dac 30.

Using iTunes I always missed the liner notes and being able to see lyrics and the information that the cd disk inlet provided,
So when I came across Roon my interest was peaked.
After making my mind up about trying Roon, I decided to use a 2TB FireWire disk that I partition into 2 x 1 TB.
One for the iTunes library for using with Amarra and one for iTunes library using with Roon, I have told Roon to watch the iTunes folder on the Roon partition!
Here is my question.
Have I been overly cautious in making 2 libraries ?
Also, as I now that want to import more music, will I need to import 2 times with iTunes to each library ?

I really like the way iTunes import the music, be it from cd or, but I am feeling like I am doing things too complicated.

Maybe some of you guys that have used Roon for a while with iTunes knows a better and easier way ?

I hope you all understand my writing, as I am not a native in English :wink:


I’ve used Roon for ages now, but still use iTunes purely for adding music to my library.

I’m not sure you can ever be too cautious with your data, but as long as you set Roon to be ‘watched folders’ no data should be changed. To keep it simple I would (personally) make sure I had a good backup, and just use a single iTunes directory for both applications.

Or just keep one partition as a backup for now since you’ve already made it?

Same here, having one iTunes library (which I manage very carefully) works great with Roon. I have not seen any modifications to my iTunes library by Roon so far. This setup works excellent for me.

Thanks for the reply both of you, an other question I am thinking about moving podcast part that I use on my iMac and merge it with the new iTunes partition, will that in any way confuse Roon, would be nice to have everything in one place to use with my iTunes and my iPhone 6plus.
Will Roon just watch the music, or will it see the podcasts too!!?
This is maybe a question I should ask at some apple forum, but you are welcome to give it a try;-)