Roon with Kiithree speakers

While I am able to access Roon with other endpoints, my Kiithree speakers do not show on my Roon audio or on my network (using Fing).
The KiiThree are connected over usb to an audiostore music server which uses sonicorbiter software. Will uninstalling and reinstalling Roon help to diagnose the problem?

From Audiostores website

“Roon certify specific models but as we offer many variants Prestige is not certified. It is similar to certified products based on Sonicorbiter SW. (SonicTransporter and Antipodes Servers ) If using Roon use the ‘Enable Local Playback’ option on Settings/Roon Server, or use Roonready on an external renderer, such as microrendu, ultrarendu etc as on-board Roonready is no longer supported”

Have you follows this and enabled it in the audiosettings in Roon.

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Thanks for your prompt post, @CrystalGipsy. We appreciate the help and insight.

@Brendan_McCarthy is this working for you? We’d love to make sure you’re all set with Roon :nerd_face:

Thank you for your suggestions.
All the appropriate settings are in place. Other endpoints are operating ok through the server and the Kiis were also before I auditioned a filter device between the server and the Kiis. I can’t think of why with that out of the system would make any difference.
Thanks again.