Roon with Lindemann 25 DSD


Just wondering if I can use Roon with the Lindemann DSD and if possible, what is the process for connecting it?

As far as I can see, this device is not Roon Ready. This means you cannot stream audio to it from Roon over ethernet.
But it also has a usb input. So if you have a separate streamer (ethernet in, usb out), then you can stream from Roon. An example of this is the Sonore MicroRendu, but there are plenty more on the market.
As always, you also need a core, a device/computer that runs Roon, hold the database and streams to your endpoints. For example a Roon Nucleus will do fine, but there are other options. It’s even possible to skip the streamer and connect the usb input of the Lindemann directly to the core, but sound quality might not be perfect this way.

Thanks for your reply this is what I understood. I guess I need to find an alternate solution then.

I follow your suggestion and used a usb cable to connect the nas directly to the lindemann, and sure enough the roon recognized the player as being able to play the nas source. Thanks for the advice, but I have a question, why would this sound worse than adding a bridge? Wouldn’t there be a little more interference and quality loss with an extra device?

First of all: great that it works.
Roon recommends using a networked connection between your core and endpoint. See the Knowlegde Base.

A usb connection might transfer noisy signals that influence the sound quality, but how much this matters is a question that will have a different answer for every situation. Some dacs are more perceptible for this than others.

Learned a lot, thanks a lot Allen

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