Roon with Mac Mini , Synology NAS & Schiit BiFrost DAC

Does Roon support Schiit DACs? I have a Mac Mini connected to a NAS & BiFrost as with Amarra I’d like to know if I can bypass the Mac’s internal processor and play music directly thru the BiForst


Schiit Audio DAC (Bifrost Uber USB) Lossless Audio Setup was posted a few weeks ago, not sure if there’s been any progress since then.

AS I type I am listening to Pet Sounds via a Schiit Bifrost and Asgard combo. Sounds sublime. I am using Windows 7.

Hey @Robin – we’ve been working on getting some Schiit gear into our test lab so we can figure this out. Hoping to have some good news on this soon, so stand by.

Sorry for the trouble!