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Description of Issue

I’m listening to music through Roon with Meridian 251.

If you select Audio as “Meridian 251” in Roon after the Meridian Control app has recently been updated (v2.0.1), the music will not play.

It just looks like it’s stationary.
What’s the problem?

Have you rebooted everything - including disconnecting from power?

I use my Meridian 251 (on my roof-terrace) with Roon almost every day (when the weather’s ok!) & the only problems I’ve had were down to internet / LAN connectivity and the 251 overheating (due to high ambient temperatures + direct sunlight).

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Thank you for your answer.
It has been used well until recently, but only the “sooloos” connection is problematic, and no other source connection is problematic.

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