Roon with naim DACv1

Does anyone use roon into a dac v1?

I was trying to set up the DSP settings to be max PCM, but infact if I make any changes to DSP at all, i.e. turn it on then I get clicks and ticking sounds through the music which gets progressively worse as the track progresses. IN essence I have not been able to use this feature.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Can you show us a screen shot your audio path while playing…

Also list your hardware specs the core is running on.

Moving to #support too for you

Hi I shall get a screen path in a minute, obviously I turned off all the DSP stuff

The hardware is essentially a NUC, quad core pentiuim J5005, 8gigs ddr4 ram, ssd for windows OS.

Music resides on a virtual with allocated 8 cores and 16gigs ram.

Also take a screen shot with the issue in play…ie dsp settings active…and the dsp setting in use maybe too

HI here is the screen shot

Here are the dsp settings, all I did was head room on and max PCM rate. But I have fiddled with all the pcm rates and the linier stuff the outcome is the same to a greater or lesser extent clicks and ticks that seem to get worse as the track plays

Incidentally I have another USB dac a chinese one, I’ll get that hooked up to see if its a thing with the streamer.

Actually I am being dim the server is on the virtual the NUC is just streaming the content

Hi Gareth,

I use a Naim DAC V1 - with the settings below:


HI, how are you getting dsd playback please?

There was a firmware update which enabled it - you can find it here.

I’ll check but was under the impression I had the latest on the dac. What about the settings in roon though?

If you mean the audio path, to be honest I don’t generally bother with upsampling. But I did play around with it and used the following:

Hi can you tell me precisely how you got to those settings please?

I have the latest (2015!) firmware ont he dac. So how do you have DSD as output please explain?

More accurately in the sample rate conversion box I have: ‘for compatibility only’, ‘Max PCM rate’, ‘Mac PCM rate (power of 2)’ and ‘Custom’

No DSD option.

It seems like you don’t have the latest firmware. If you use the remote to go in to setup, choose ‘Firmware’ and then ‘About’ you should see ‘App V1.16’.

If you are running V1.16 then within Roon enter the Settings/Audio menu and choose Device Setup for your Naim DAC-V1. The options should let you pick the following options:

And you should see 'DSD over PCM v1.0 (DoP) in the ‘DSD Playback Strategy’ field. The other options that I see are ‘Convert to PCM’ and ‘Initial dCS method’.

And under the Advanced options I can select ‘Up to DSD128’:

Thanks for that, I can get somewhere towards it, but curiously I dont have the same options in the device setup advanced section, I have a max of 24bits and dont have ‘use max buffer size’
Most odd.

I am going to need to find that damn remote!

I know - it is the only time I ever use the remote!

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