Roon with NAS and Melco on the same network

I currently have my music files on a NAS. Tomorrow I get a Melco N1ZH and I’ll copy all the files from the NAS to Melco. However the NAS will remain on the network, as a backup of the Melco. How can I make Roon only consider the Melco files and not the NAS files

Go into Roon’s settings and edit the Watched folder so that it now points to the network Melco network share where your ‘live’ music files are now stored. (Assuming the Melco supports SMB shares).

As an aside what advantage does adding the Melco offer in Roon setup? I just had a read of the site and struggling to see how it helps. Personally I found the most important thing is to have the DAC decoupled from the server hardware by using a network audio bridged that drives the DAC.

Hi Carl.
I have Lumin A1 (RJ45 connection). When I tried the Melco on my system, the sound was much, much higher, since Melco than from NAS. 10 days ago I downloaded an evaluation version of Roon, this afternoon I installed my Melco and a new NUC that I bought to install Roon. I will try if the configuration:

NUC Roon ---- Aqvox Switch ---------- Melco Lumin is superior to

Melco -------- Lumin

I’m interested in your comparison.

Hi Peter.
At last came the Melco and the Mini PC (without fan, 16 GB, I7). The process of transferring through the network the files from the NAS, was slower than expected. When I finished the process and installed Minimserver it was already 3 in the morning. In the early morning, I started a trip with my wife and did not return until Monday. I look forward to Tuesday or Wednesday being able to do the tests, and I will inform you.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: