Roon With Qobuz Doesn't Display all Albums

I posted here but got no response: Roon with Qobuz Not Showing Albums


Trying out Roon and having a problem, it doesn’t show all the albums for an artist. I tried for multiple artists and when I search in Qobuz, all the albums show up, in Roon, only a few. I am attaching a screenshot showing a comparison.

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Apparently my screenshot is rescaled down. In searching for Spearhead, in roon it shows 5 albums on Qobuz and two that are in Qobuz by on my hard drive, so it shows them in my main albums. On Qobuz, there are 17 distinct albums. Why do they not show up in Roon?



I tried again yesterday with another group, 10,000 Maniacs. Again two albums that are not in my person collection or on Qobuz do not show up in Roon, see attached. Is there anyway to get Roon to display all the hits from Qobuz? This is a deal breaker for me if there is no solution, which I hope is not the case, as I have a server ready to go and run this.

Well, for me which I search on 10k manics, “Music from the Motion Picture” and “Trouble Me” are categorized as and shown in the EPs/Singles section in Roon and not shown in Albums. Qobuz does not have such a separation.

Well, now I feel stupid. Yep. Went back and checked the Spearhead after that and found the same thing, EP’s are listed under albums in Qobuz. User error. Now to reformat a Dell Precision to run as a fulltime core server. Should handle the load, Xeon quad core, 500gb ssd, 2tb platter.

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No problem.
What OS are you planning on running, Linux, Windows?

Was going to run Windows 10 and basically set it up as a headless appliance through remote desktop. It is overkill, but I have it sitting here collecting dust since I upgraded to new workstation.

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All installed and surprisingly was able to get the workstation to be happy headless with no keyboard or mouse, so it is sitting in another room run through remote access.

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