Roon with sonicTransporter and ultraRendu - problems solved

I am a new Roon user. I am reasonably computer-literate, but I had all sorts of problems trying to get Roon up and running with several attempts using a NUC, or an Allo, or a Raspberry, or a Nucleus, and then with a sonicTransporter and unltraRendu. I couldn’t even get the sonicTransporter and unltraRendu to work; I returned it and then decided to try it again.

With some direct-computer-control help from Andrew at Small Green Computer, we were able to get the sonicTransporter and ultraRendu up and running, and I’ve never looked back.

The combination has been flawless and very easy to use.

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I have always felt that one of the biggest impediments to the success of Roon is the setup/learning curve. Yes there are lots of written material on how to but being able to get on the phone with someone is hard to beat. Sometimes I watch as people struggle to get their set up working and sometimes those same people have no working knowledge of rudimentary networking or signal flow and they end up failing or being pointed to a knowledge base of papers that might as well be in another language. I think that Roon should consider a 24/7 call in service for a fee that would walk people through set up. Just my 2 cents.


I had about 4 months of misery trying to get ROON working. It turned out the 2012 MAC I was using wasn’t up to the task. Once I switched to a different computer everything fell into place but it still wasnt easy.

The support from ROON was hit and miss. I always felt like they want you to figure it out yourself. Another porblem is… you ask them a question and they get back to you the next day and on and on. That process takes forever.

Anyways… as said by others, once you get it working, its heaven!

But ROON really should have a set up process that is much less painful. Maybe a handful of offshore tech support at $10 hour w the first hour free?

I’m about to switch core computers and dreading it? In fact I keep putting it off.

This is why Andrew at Small Green Computer has a phone number you can call for support. FYI there is a Black Friday Sale going on…

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I dont doubt Small green Computer can get you up and running expeditiously. Their entry price is my problem.

My comments is about ROON specifically. I have been a loyal customer of SONORE… on my third renderer w them. its been my experience that Jesus and Adrian have been are very responsive.

The fact is that ROON has exponentially more customers and keeping support to customer ratios gets very lean. Its a challenge but getting the user that’s not computer savvy up and running is where ROON’s survival will manifest. Its a great product and I’m rooting for you. Truly one of the joys in my life. Its like a super knowledgeable friend that never fails to turn me on to more music.